Mother of missing Navy sailor asks community for help

Mother of missing Navy sailor asks community for help

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - North Charleston Police and the Navy are investigating after a young sailor goes missing.

It's been nearly two weeks since 19-year-old Vincent Ferdin was last seen in North Charleston.

Vincent's motherr, Rena Ferdin, tells Live 5 News that the last thing her son said to her was "Happy Birthday." It was the day before he went missing.

Now, she's springing into action, flying in from Virginia and taking to the streets and trying to find someone who might know what happened to her son.

"He didn't show up and he didn't call, so that's not like Vincent at all," said Rena Ferdin, mother of missing Navy sailor.

Ferdin got the call no mother ever wants. Her 19 year old son didn't show up to work or his home.

Vincent Ferdin was last seen leaving his girlfriend's apartment on a bike, the morning of September 18.

According to the North Charleston police report, his phone was turned off, his wallet and ID left behind.

The California native has lived in the Lowcountry for the last two years, after joining the Navy at 17 years old. His mothe says he wanted to "see the world."

Ferdin describes Vincent as kind, loving and giving. She says he has been doing well at the Naval Propulsion Training Unit and making new friends. Ferdin also says he plans to apply to the naval academy.

"He's a high achiever and he works hard," said Ferdin.

Now, with a million things running through her mind, Ferdin is passing out a flyers around where her son was last spotted.

"I hope we find him and that he's safe," said Ferdin.

Ferdin says the hardest part right now is the unknown.

"It's just the not knowing - which is, you know, very painful, we don't know anything...but I think someone out there might know," said Ferdin.

The family has another birthday to celebrate next week - Vincent's.

He'll be 20-years-old on October 2.

Friends of the family have helped the Ferdin's created a Facebook page, you can check it out here.

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