County Council votes 5-3 to move forward with Main Road overpass

VIDEO: County Council votes 5-3 to move forward with Main Road overpass

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - In a 5-3 vote Tuesday, Charleston County council voted in favor of moving forward with plans to build a flyover, or overpass on Main Road.

The project, slated to cost between $60-65 million, is designed to relieve traffic congestion in the area, and ease flooding woes.  A DOT official said it could take between six to eight years to build, while the source of funding for the project remains unclear.

The motion also includes the option to raise Main Road, possibly widening it from River Road to Bees Ferry.

"It doesn't look good to the residents on Johns Island that we are making a good decision on something that was recommended to us, and now we're backing off," said council member Anna Johnson, who voted against the flyover.

The combination of heavy rains and a super high tide earlier this month flooded Main Road near Savannah Highway. Officials closed one lane of the road, forcing drivers to crawl in one lane or sit in traffic on Maybank Highway.

Charleston County officials had previously considered a super street to alleviate the flooding problems. County officials will now work on ending its contract with DOT, over the planned $1.5 million super street.

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