Report: Nurse assaults inmate who discovers drug-laden sandwich

Report: Nurse assaults inmate who discovers drug-laden sandwich

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A 43-year-old nurse was arrested after she allegedly assaulted an inmate who discovered a sandwich filled with contraband.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division charged Jennifer Lee Scott of Ladson with assault and battery.

Scott's arrest stems from a May 2013 incident at the Berkeley County Detention Center where Scott was working as a nurse, and at the time, was providing sandwiches to inmates as they took their medications.

According to SLED, Scott gave the victim a sandwich meant for another inmate that contained cigarettes, a cigarette lighter, a baggie containing pills and a baggie containing a white power-like substance.

Authorities say Scott then grabbed the sandwich back from the victim and gave it to another inmate.

A few days later, the victim said he suffered from chest pains and was sent to Scott to be examined.

When conducting an examination of the inmate's vital signs, the victim said Scott reached inside the victim's uniform and placed her hand on the victim's groin.

Court records state Scott then asked the victim,"Is there anything I can do to make you forget about what happened the other night?"

The victim said after he asked her to remove her hand, Scott pulled forcefully on the victim's genitals causing him physical pain.

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