Police investigating report of suspicious person near Garrett Academy

Police investigating report of suspicious person near Garrett Academy
Charleston Police are responding to a four-car crash in West Ashley. (Source: AP)

NORTH CHARLESTON - (WCSC) - The North Charleston Police Department is investigating a report of a suspicious person near Garrett Academy.

A representative with North Charleston Police says a 16-year-old student was walking down Constitution St. when she noticed a black Dodge, possibly a charger, at Gerald's Tires & Brakes.

According to the representative, the driver passed her and stopped at Lawrence and Constitution Ave. The representative says she approached the vehicle and the driver asked her for directions to her school and how old she was.

The representative says she gave him directions and then he said "why don't you just get in and show me." At that point, the girl walked away.

The representative says the girl noticed the vehicle again on Oregon Street. He passed her and stopped near Hull Street. When she got near the vehicle the second time, the driver told her "don't be scared, I don't know how to tell you this, but I have a gun and get in the car."

At this time she took off running and yelling for help. Two students from Garrett were driving by and they picked her up and took her to school.

According to police, the partial tag on the vehicle is TJ423.

Anyone with information or may have seen the vehicle in the area should contact North Charleston Police at 843-554-5700.

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