Court grants delay in Dylann Roof case

Court grants delay in Dylann Roof case
Dylan Roof (Photo: Lexington County Jail)

CHARLESTON, SC (AP/WCSC) - A federal judge has granted a delay in the case for the man accused in the shootings at Mother Emanuel AME church. A motion for continuance filed by attorneys was granted in a Bar Meeting Thursday.

The judge and attorneys have agreed to meet again in January 2016 to discuss the status of the case.

"Defense counsel advised the Court that the bulk of the relevant discovery was produced by the Government in the last several weeks and was voluminous," court documents say. "Defense counsel further noted that the potential designation of this matter as a possible capital case further added to the complexity of the matter."

According to the document, the court found that the ends of justice are  served by a continuance and outweigh the interest of the public and the Defendant in a speedy trial. "In particular, the complexity of the matter and the need for defense counsel to have adequate time to prepare for trial support the defense motion for a continuance," the court document adds.

In a document submitted to the United States District Court, Dylann Roof said he waived his right to have a trial held 70 days after his indictment on federal charges.

Roof was indicted on 33 federal hate crime charges on July 22. View the federal indictment against Roof here: 

He pleaded not guilty on July 33. His attorneys say he intends to enter a guilty plea once he knows whether he's facing the death penalty.

Roof faces 13 charges in state court. State prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

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