Residents torn between fun, frustration after Charleston flood event

Residents torn between fun, frustration after Charleston flood event

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - No sooner than the sky opened up over areas in Downtown Charleston, as many streets had to shut down.

Throughout the afternoon, barricades came and went, creating a maze of detours along the city streets, a sight common to many of its residents.

For some, it's also a sight that's begun to run its course.

"It definitely makes it tough to get where you need to go," said Jesse Pearce, who steered through the city streets on his bicycle.

Like auto drivers, Pearce said he found it hard navigating through the city's flood waters, often unaware of exactly how deep.

"The only tricky part is when the water's deep enough you cant see the actual grounds," he said.

The Seneca resident took a more lighthearted approach, even referencing "fun," while describing the splash of the water, following hours of heavy downpours.

Meanwhile, resident Melvin Singleton, who lives minutes away from street closures along Fishburne and President Streets, instead found it frustrating watching flood waters dominate the city streets.

Flooding he said, is only getting worse.

"It always floods."

Thursday, City of Charleston officials announced plans to open its Emergency Operating Center at 2 George Street.  Throughout the weekend, staff will monitor road conditions and potential flooding.

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