Residents battle flooded streets, waiting for water to recede

Residents battle flooded streets, waiting for water to recede

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Areas of Charleston and North Charleston are seeing some of the worst flooding in years.

Several downtown streets have been blocked off for over 24 hours now as rain continues to come down on the Holy City.

A section of Calhoun Street several blocks from MUSC does see flooding, but rarely to Saturday's extreme. Cars around the city have been abandoned because of high standing water.

Police have told people to stay inside and off the roads, motorists have still been trying to get around the downtown area, some on foot and others in kayaks.

Crosstown Christian Church in West Ashley is just inches away from water that will soon flow in and cause serious damage.

Meanwhile, rainfall created dangerous conditions in North Charleston as well.

Rhett Avenue was one of several roads police shut down because of flooding, forcing an entire trailer park to evacuate and seek help in a nearby Red Cross shelter.

"And then the water just came right across our trailer park and all our homes are all flooded," resident Sara Williams said. "It's not inside but the whole park is just flooded. And they had to turn our power off, So now we're just living with it and thank God for the shelter."

Residents say they are concerned about water rising into their homes and many have sand bags and pods for protection against flood waters rising by the hour.

Many people tell me they've never seen condition like this. Authorities say these areas will take a while to subside, leaving people affected by the flooding little else to do but try to stay positive throughout the next 24 to 48 hours.

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