Flooding downtown doesn't stop people from flooding streets

VIDEO: Downtown Charleston streets closed
Photo Source: Live 5
Photo Source: Live 5
Photo Source: Live 5
Photo Source: Live 5

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Areas of downtown Charleston that typically don't see much water were submerged Saturday as rain continued into the night.

Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen said the city is experiencing a very serious situation.

Calhoun Street appeared to be the hub for students and others who live in the area. Many people said they weren't bothered by the weather, but were trying to remain positive.

"[We're getting through this] optimistically, because it's Charleston," said Heather Blake, a student at the College of Charleston.

Despite the heavy flooding from the water, areas of downtown were flooded with people outside checking out what this weather had to bring, among other endeavors.

"We're trying to find some grub," said Caitlyn Hatem, a student at the College of Charleston.

"We're trying to trek through downtown to find some snacks," added Sam Hincks, also a student. "All we wanted was some snacks."

Many downtown stores, including convenience stores, were closed Saturday, their employees deciding to spend the day out in the rain.

"Work was shut down so we're just exploring," Blake said.

"We're walking around, enjoying it," said Alan Snyder, who just moved to Charleston. "We were thinking about grabbing the kayaks. So we might just go around in the streets and kayak down by the Battery."

Kayaks and other boats could be seen floating around Cannon Park.

Dogs on the other hand, were able to get in a Saturday swim because of how deep the water was.

Meanwhile drivers continued to hit the road during the weather.

Police advised residents to stay home and off the roads and prohibited cars from getting onto the peninsula because of the extreme flooding. Some cars were stuck in road for hours until tow trucks could get them out.

"Don't drive your car, it's not worth it," Hatem said.

Water in the flooded areas will take time to subside, and people in the meantime are trying to remain positive over the next 24-28 hours.

Officials are asking everyone to use extreme caution when out and about.

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