Flood victims' homes in Shadowmoss burglarized

VIDEO: Flood victims' homes in Shadowmoss burglarized

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Some West Ashley homeowners forced to flee the floodwaters returned home Tuesday to learn they had been burglarized.

The victims evacuated from their houses on Wolk Drive in Shadowmoss over the weekend.

Sherry Maull says her husband came home Tuesday morning, and realized someone broke in through the back door.

The thieves took jewelry and computers from the home.

"Horrible, invaded, it's bad enough that we've got water in the house and we have to deal with that. But now we have to deal with someone that is low enough to come and steal from somebody that's already under," Maull said.

Jessica Craven says the thieves stole five guns from her house.

"I was sad. After a terrible situation that's one way to make it worse is to have the audacity to go in and break into someone's home that's already flooded and in an emergency," Craven said.

Charleston Police officers processed the crime scene, hoping to lift some fingerprints.

Anyone with information on the burglaries should call Charleston Police.

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