Motor boats, animals and more appear in Canterbury Woods neighborhood

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Areas all around Charleston County are seeing severe flooding.

Cathy Haynes, Chief of Operations at the Charleston County Emergency Management Department, said the Operations Center has received calls from everywhere about the damage.

Canterbury Woods in West Ashley, is one of those heavily damaged areas.

The major cause for flooding in that area is because of Church Creek.

In the past, it has overflowed but not to the extreme residents are seeing now.

Homeowners say there's been an increase in wildlife to include snakes, alligators, and birds.

Some residents haven't been able to get out of their homes since Saturday because of how high the water is.

"I actually saw somebody riding a motor boat in our backyard," said Joy Parrish, of West Ashley. "So we call that Lake Parrish."

"When Hurricane Hugo came through, it was nothing like this," said Janet Wohnig, another resident. "The flooding was nothing like this, just the trees and all. We've had a few trees come down but not many."

Many people across the County have said the amount of flooding this weekend is worse then what they experienced during Hurricane Hugo.

Most of the families in the Canterbury Woods neighborhood do have flooding insurance because of their homes falling in the flood zone.

Water has receded by a couple of inches, but resident feel it will take weeks in order to get back to normal.

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