Sewage leaks on James Island have residents hoping the flooding will end soon

Sewage overflows reported on James Island

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The last five days have wreaked havoc to many around the South Carolina. Tuesday evening brought even more headache to James Islanders as sewers started to overflow into the street.

"We hadn't gotten much flooding," said James Island resident Tyler Harrell. "Then, we looked outside and there was probably a foot of water and it smelled pretty bad."

Harrell lives with two other College of Charleston graduate students, across the street from a sewage leak.

When the three found out the leak on the corner of Harbor View Road and Mikell Drive was not impacting their drinking water, their worry shifted.

"I'm just concerned for the local wildlife," said Harrell's roommate Jordy Taylor. "This is a really populated area for not just people, but also animals. And, especially marine animals."

"There's a lot of construction going on and the water and sewage is pooling into the sides of these ditches," said Harrell's other roommate Christine Michael.

James Island Public Service District also reported leaks on Dills Bluff Road, Riverland Drive and Central Park Road.

Officials say they're working to fix the problems and the overflows will continue throughout the flood event.

That's something that doesn't sit well with mothers like Brooke Newell.

"I'm just worried about the bacteria that may linger around," said Newell who lives about a block from a sewage leak. "But, from what I understand, they are taking care of it. So, I just have faith and hope in that."

In the meantime, James Islanders agree, it's simply a stinky situation.

"That's gross!" Said Harrell.

But like many headaches of this storm, they will get through it.

"I just know that it's going to take a long time for some areas to recover," said Newell. "That everyone will just pull together and pray and work and help everyone recover."

If you see a sewage leak, you're asked to report it to James Island Public Service District by calling: 843-795-2345.

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