Huger begins first day of cleanup, many homes still flooded

VIDEO: Huger begins first day of cleanup, many homes still flooded

HUGER, SC (WCSC) - Many homes on French Quarter Creek, in Huger, still had water in the living rooms Tuesday. 
Items like mattresses and carpet were stacked outside on driveways, a display of items destroyed in the flood.

"This is the first day of cleanup," said Bill Cahill.

Water levels had gone down significantly, allowing people to get an idea of just home much they lost.

"I'm thinking $150,000," said Cahill.

Cahill and his family were picking up pieces from the storm at a home he built more than 20 years ago.

On Saturday night, it was that home where many found refuge.

"We were pulling people from all the houses around the neighborhood," said Cahill. "911 was calling us. Tommy and Bud down the road had boats and DNR couldn't get in here. So, they were bringing the people here to the porch."

More than 20 people packed on Cahill's porch. Soon, the US Coast Guard sent a helicopter to help.

Cahill, now a neighborhood hero, had only one thing on his mind.

"We were just trying to make sure everybody stayed safe," said Cahill. "At that point they're safe and you just worry about the damage later."

Thankful everyone was safe, his family now begins tackling those damages.

Recovery was seen around Huger.
Just down the street, on Charity Church Road, Carrie Bennett was dragging her carpet to the road.
She was still in disbelief at what she saw during the storm.

"I mean the water was coming up across the highway," said Bennett. "You couldn't walk to your mailbox without getting wet up."

The welcome sign at French Quarter Creek still had water at its foot, but much less compared to what the was seen days ago.
The message on the sign reads "Thanks for visiting, please drive safely." It's a message of care that's still evident in the hearts of the people in Huger.

"I don't think you can ever underestimate things," said Cahill.

"God does everything for a reason," said Bennett. "It could be a blessing, and who knows. I'm just going to thank him anyways in advance."

The American Red Cross was also in Huger, assisting with damage assessments. For help with that in Charleston, call : 843-764-2323 x321

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