Charleston County residents prepare for more flooding

Charleston County residents prepare for more flooding

NORTH SANTEE, SC (WCSC) - Homeowners in northern Charleston County are preparing for more flooding to come later this week.

Tuesday, Santee Cooper Dam officials increased the amount of water flowing through the dam in an effort to prepare for the extreme inflows coming into Lake Marion from the Midlands.

On the edge of the North Santee River the level isn't as high as it has been judging from the watermarks on the supports for the bridge, but it is expected to get higher sometime this week when it crests. That's because of the amount of water flowing from Lake Marion down this River out to the ocean.

Eighty-two thousand cubic feet of water, equal to about 615,000 gallons, is flowing every second through the Santee Dam.

Dam officials say their trying to stay ahead of the amount of water expected to come from the Midlands this week. As a result these areas along the river could see more flooding over the next few days. Many residents say they aren't too concerned about flooding in their homes because most were built on higher grounds, but the roads in the meantime will likely see that flooding.

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