Parts of Kingstree closed, cars submerged from flooding

Parts of Kingstree closed, cars submerged from flooding

KINGSTREE (WCSC) - Parts of the heart of Kingstree were closed Wednesday due to massive flooding.

It was impossible to drive down East Main Street.

Rising waters went up to the doors of several businesses, causing damage. The recently opened Family Dollar also didn't escape the flood waters.

More than a dozen vehicles were submerged on West railroad avenue.

Lifelong resident James McLaughlin said he's never seen anything like it.

"It's a praying time, it's a praying time," McLaughlin said. "It's very tough because you can't break out of Kingstree, you can't even break into Kingstree."

Williamsburg County officials opened four shelters for folks who chose to evacuate from their homes.

At Hemingway High School, the American Red Cross handed out cases of bottled water.

Resident Barbara Hillman says she's handling the situation the best she can.

"It's God's work. There's nothing to think about it, nothing you can do about it except for what it is," Hillman said.

Officials say the last time they dealt with massive flooding was back in 1973, except this time they say it's much worse.

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