Ashley River on the rise near King's Grant neighborhood

VIDEO: Ashley River on the rise near King's Grant neighborhood

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Areas in Dorchester County are dealing with water flowing from the Ashley River near their homes. King's Grant is one neighborhood off Dorchester Road that experienced some flooding.

The access point to the Ashley River, in the back of the neighborhood, has flowed past picnic tables and residents say the water continues to rise even though the heavy rainfall has stopped.

People who live in the area say the dock almost floated away until crews added reinforcement to keep it grounded.  People in the area have been checking on the water levels from this access point, but they say it's only getting worse. One man who lives in King's Grant says he had up to 4 feet of water in his garage and he unclogged a nearby drains to help clear it out. A house located right next to the river is in the direct line of the river's overflow.

Several people have come to this site to check out the area and they say they've never seen the water flow so fast.

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