Lowcountry tech titans encourage employees to telecommute

VIDEO: Lowcountry tech titans encourage employees to telecommute

While many Lowcountry residents are coping with commuting issues due to the recent flooding, Miguel Buencamino is able to avoid the traffic jam's and detours thanks to telecommuting.

Today, Buencamino's commute to work took just milliseconds as the computer engineer grabs his keys, takes the wheel and rides the cyber highway into his People Matter office at his home.

"Everyone in Charleston knows about the flooding and the raining," Buencamino said.

The flooding and raining are what kept him and many others inside for the day, and was the reasoning behind People Matter bosses allowing employees to telecommute or work from home on this day.

By 3 p.m. he had already attended morning meetings and fixed a few bugs in the companies computer system.

Two more Lowcountry tech titans allowed their employees to telecommute. Spawar and Blackbaud telling employees that their families and safety come first.

"Blackbaud's employees and their families safety is always our utmost concert. In response to the current severe weather advisories, we ask our employees to use their judgment and to stay home if they feel their safety is a risk," a statement from Blackbaud's executive vice president of Human Resources John Mistretta said. The statement goes on to say, "We also provide employees with emergency contact information as well as the steps to take in the event telecommuting is needed. "

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