Edisto, Santee River levels rising dangerously fast, evacuations encouraged

VIDEO: Update after Governor warns of flooding in three Lowcountry areas

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Officials in Charleston, Dorchester and Colleton counties are urging people that live close to the Edisto River to evacuate to higher and drier ground.

Givhans Ferry Park officials have been keeping an eye on the river and they are amazed at how it rose so quickly.

The flooding stage for the Edisto River is at 10 feet. By Sunday, the river is expected to reach a record breaking level of 17 feet.

Wednesday, water levels along Parkers Ferry Road in Adams Run rose nearly an inch an hour.  Many residents there have already evacuated, with the National Guard and Charleston County deputies monitoring the few who chose to stay behind.

"Unfortunately, this is one of the areas all that water has to exit from," said Sergeant Jeremy Argabright of the South Carolina National Guard.

Other affected communities include, but are not limited to Highway 17 near the Charleston / Colleton County line, and portions of Jacksonboro.  Rising water levels along the Santee River could also impact South Santee and Germantown.

Resident Kim Stroble enlisted her husband to drive her through near 3-foot water in a near 8-foot truck.  Stroble said not even 24 hours ago. Parkers Ferry road was passable by car.

"When I came home yesterday, he said the road's covered in water, it happened just that quick."

River access is blocked off at Givhans Ferry Park due to the safety concerns the rising water levels bring. The park itself is expected to remain safe thanks to its higher elevation.

Shelter is available at each of the following locations:

Edisto River residents:

  • class="x_MsoNormal">C.C. Blaney Elementary (7184 Highway 162)

Santee River residents:

  • class="x_MsoNormal">Old McClellanville Middle School (711 Pinckney Street)

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