Gov. Haley in Dorchester County: If you're told to evacuate, do it

VIDEO: Gov. Haley in Dorchester County: If you're told to evacuate, do it

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - At press conference Thursday afternoon, in Dorchester County, Governor Nikki Haley said residents who are told to evacuate should.

"When they come and knock on your door, grab whatever you want to take, but please try and leave," said Governor Haley.

During the press conference, she stressed the South Carolina team is ready and that's why she came to Dorchester County.

She came to thank them for their hard work and encourage them as the second wave of flooding approaches.

Haley said she flew over South Carolina Thursday, saw the damage and the water headed our way. She stressed we shouldn't take this lightly.

"You're seeing damage at levels we never thought we would see," said Governor Haley. "The problem is, more is coming. The water levels are high. We see the water moving. We see which way it's going and it's coming here."

Haley said the state is recovering from a disaster and preparing for another one.

"Flooding from the Santee is already going to be an issue," said Governor Haley. "But, that's gonna combine with Lake Marion hitting flood levels and if that spills over into the Santee that's gonna be extremely problematic. Highway 41 is gonna be impassible. Anyone South of Givhans Ferry is gonna have a problem."

She stressed your belongings are not worth your life. If you're told to evacuate, do it.

"We have been bruised, but we are not broken," said Governor Haley. "What we have to do know is get through the next 72 hours. Get people to understand that this is serious. Get them to take us seriously. Then, we're going to recover."

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