Georgetown County residents, leaders ready to move on

Georgetown County residents, leaders ready to move on

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - For the last two weeks the downtown area of Georgetown has seen flooding from both the king tides last month and the heavy rainfall from last weekend.

Homes and businesses in the area are trying to recover from the damage of that flooding.

On Friday, everything in the city seemed to be pretty dry. Roads are clear and people are really trying to move on.

Sandbags are lined up along the businesses in case of future flooding this coming weekend.

For the most part business and homeowners are trying to remain optimistic.

County officials said, during a Friday afternoon press conference, that the outlook for the county was improving.

"It's a great day in Georgetown because the river has crested," said Sel Hemingway with the county. Hemingway said that FEMA is in the county and working with residents.

According to Hemingway, there have been no additional closures in the county over the past 24 hours and they don't anticipate more.

The county has reported that there has been a total of 300 to 350 people relocated due to the flooding, and shelters

Earlier today, Gov. Nikki Haley said it's important to remember that 95 percent of South Carolina's economy comes from small businesses.

Some residents were out shopping trying to support the stores who have had their doors closed because of flooding.

"Most of the businesses along Front street are open," said Cindy Gibson."They are needing business. I noticed a shop down the street on the sidewalk had written we really appreciate your business"

A city official said there are sandbags still available for those who want a security blanket for this weekend.

He feels however, that those sandbags could go to others across the county and in the rural areas of the city.

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