Boaters urged to stay off waterways

Boaters urged to stay off waterways

SOUTH CAROLINA (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is asking people to keep off the water due to possible flash flooding and hazardous waterways across the state.

Flooded rivers and streams with swift currents are very dangerous for boaters. Fast moving water can easily flip a boat, especially when coupled with the possibility of hidden objects just below the surface.

Many lakes, rivers, and other waterways statewide are flooded with debris from the recent storms and floods. This debris can be hidden from boaters by waters that are higher than normal.

If you must be on the water, DNR asks that you remember to wear your life jacket at all times.

DNR also requests that you mind your speed to avoid putting out a wake when boating near areas recovering from the recent weather. A wake can cause further erosion in these areas, slowing the recovery process dramatically.

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