Pepperhill neighborhood experiencing setbacks after flood

VIDEO: Pepperhill neighborhood experiencing setbacks after flood

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Several families in the Pepperhill neighborhood are still not able to live in their homes because of the flooding. Most people in the community didn't have flood insurance and many lost almost everything.

"To come in and see 30 inches of water in my house it was just, everything was gone, I had no contents coverage," says Pepperhill resident, Jason Gardner.

When Gardner moved to Pepperhill he was told his home was in a flood plain. That's why he got flood insurance, but he had less protection than he thought.

"I thought my homeowners covered my personal property and my flood insurance covered the house in the case of a flood, but that was not the case," says Gardner.

Most of his neighbors don't have any flood insurance because their homes didn't fall in the flood plain.

"It wasn't required from the insurance that we needed it, but then they say it was available... but we didn't need it," says Pepperhill resident, Otis Green.

Residents are hoping the city will address drainage problems that existed before the flood

"Palmetto Commerce Parkway changed the way that the drainage worked before so instead of draining that direction where it used to now it drains this direction and floods the neighborhood," says Gardner.

Now families are picking up the pieces of what's left of their home.

"We haven't paid the house off and we don't have any more money to work with right here, so we got to get this here back in running condition," says Green.

Gutting houses, drying them out and disinfecting the area has been daily tasks for people in this area since the flood.

Green says, "I hope FEMA does enough to help get all this replaced," as he points to his cabinets in his home

A Baptist disaster relief organization from Mississippi was in the neighborhood gutting and cleaning homes for free.

"If we continue to work together and help one another, I think this is what it's all about here," says Green.

People living in the Pepperhill don't know when they will be able to move back into their homes. Many are approved for FEMA assistance.