Man arrested after leading deputies in high-speed chase on I-526, damaging vehicles

Man arrested after leading deputies in high-speed chase on I-526, damaging vehicles

Charleston County Deputies say a man is in jail after leading them in a car chase through I-526 and Savannah Highway in a stolen car and causing $2,000 in damages to their vehicles Monday.

Daniel McFarland is facing charges including possessing a stolen vehicle, two counts of failure to stop for blue lights, four counts of first degree assault and battery, failure to surrender a driver's license, and two counts of driving with a suspended license.

A Charleston County Deputy says he was operating an Automated License Plate Reader on I-526W at the Highway 61 exit at 7:54 p.m. when it alerted him to a stolen vehicle. The car was initially reported by the Mount Pleasant Police Department on Sept. 27.

He followed the vehicle to Savannah Highway and another deputy arrived in the area to assist him.

A report says the suspect saw the deputy's car and made an abrupt turn into the Extended Stay Hotel parking lot. At that time, the deputy activated his blue lights.

The deputy followed him around the hotel and back onto Savannah Highway. The report says the suspect vehicle was driving 70 to 80 miles per hour in moderate traffic and starting traveling at 110 miles per hour on I-526 as he approached the Westmoreland Bridge.

Stopsticks were eventually deployed just passed the Leeds Ave. exit on I-526, and they struck one or both of the suspect's front tires.The suspect then turned onto Dorchester Road, continuing at a high rate of speed.

The suspect started to slow down at the intersection of Dorchester Road and Leeds Avenue because his tires were starting to deflate.

The report says by the time he entered a business complex parking lot to go the other way on Dorchester Road, several deputy and North Charleston Police Department vehicles were on scene.

The suspect struck a deputy's vehicle in the right rear after turning into another parking lot.He then maneuvered over the curb and back onto Dorchester Road and struck another deputy's vehicle, this time on the left front wheel. When he got back onto Dorchester Road, he hit yet another deputy's car in the right front. The report says he then reversed his vehicle and accelerated backwards into another deputy's vehicle.

One sergeant exited his vehicle and was able to break the suspect's door with his baton. The suspect was able to drive away, but another deputy ran next to the vehicle and hit his arms and upper torso several times in an attempt to stop him from fleeing and possibly injuring or killing someone, the report says. Another deputy tried to break another one of the stolen vehicle's windows with a baton.

The report says the suspect tried to turn in the deputy's direction and hit him in the right leg with the vehicle.

Another deputy was able to turn his vehicle toward the stolen vehicle and pin the suspect against a tree. Deputies and North Charleston police officers were able to forcibly remove the suspect through the passenger's front door and put him in handcuffs.

Deputies say the suspect intentionally drove his vehicle into each unit that he crashed into.

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