Report: Woman returning home sees pregnant woman being stabbed on driveway

Report: Woman returning home sees pregnant woman being stabbed on driveway

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A newly released police report states a woman who was returning home saw a pregnant woman being stabbed on a driveway in North Charleston.

That pregnant woman was Malakia Frasier who police say died after her boyfriend, 26-year-old Ricky Short, stabbed her several times.

A woman told investigators that she was on her way home Saturday night when she saw someone in a driveway stabbing a woman who was lying on the ground. She told officers she saw the man stab the woman two times.

The woman said she then sped off when the man appeared to be moving towards her vehicle.

A police report states as the woman continued down the road, she could see the man in her rear view mirror. The woman told investigators the man began to flee the driveway and went into an abandoned mobile home on Emden Street.

The woman said she then turned around to find help and called 911.

When officers arrived at the scene they found the victim lying face up in front of a home with several people standing around her.

One of the officers reported that the victim showed no signs of life and appeared to have suffered multiple stab wounds to her face, neck, arms and torso.

Witnesses said a man chased the victim, stabbed her multiple times and ran off. Court documents say Short stabbed Frazier after a fight.

On Sunday morning, as authorities were assisting detectives searching the area, police say an officer found a dark colored jacket and a white shirt stashed in a "heavy leaf area," behind a building on Fuller Street.

The officer reported that the items appeared to be dry which were inconsistent of the wet surroundings. Police say there was also a reddish colored substance on the white shirt along with what appeared to be a stainless knife blade hidden under some leafs nearby.

Short has been charged with murder, attempted murder of their unborn child and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

EMS transported the victim to MUSC where she died from her injuries. The baby was emergency-delivered and is in intensive care, authorities said.

Frazier's family says the baby remains in intensive care and has been named Miracle.

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