Gamecock fans react to news of Spurrier's resignation

VIDEO: Gamecock fans react to news of Spurrier's resignation

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - News of now-former USC Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier's resignation shook the Gamecock faithful, many of whom said they were still in shock.

Paul Osetek and his wife Emily watched the announcement at Mt. Pleasant Sports Bar, Big Game, with Osetek joining many who questioned the timing of Spurrier's decision.

"He did not cite any health issues," he said.  "He looked really healthy, he looked really happy on T.V."

While reaction was mixed throughout the room, nearly every pair of eyes were glued to the television sets as Spurrier confirmed news that broke Monday night.

Bobby Hartin, host of sports radio show "Fan Talk,"  said he too was stunned, and said his wife was brought to tears.

"To do it with six games left in the season was kind of a stunner," Hartin said.

"When he was at Florida, Carolina people hated him.  When he was our coach, we loved him.  I think a lot of people respect him."

One patron at Big Game said she still wasn't sure how to feel, but checked her phone often to get a glimpse of how Gamecock recruits were taking the news.

Osetek, who lived in Raleigh, before moving to South Carolina, recalled an even earlier version of Coach Spurrier, during his coaching days at Duke University.

"I said if anybody can win with Duke, they've got to be really good."

"They'll always look at the wins and losses, but I'll always look at the other things that have changed because Steve Spurrier came to South Carolina," Hartin added.

In a social media message, Jen Skoy, president of the Charleston County Gamecock Club added, "He made everyone believers.  He proved you can win at South Carolina."

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