Report: Man beat ex-wife 'severely' causing her death at W. Ashley home

Report: Man beat ex-wife 'severely' causing her death at W. Ashley home
General Little in bond court on Thursday. (Source: WCSC)
General Little in bond court on Thursday. (Source: WCSC)
General Little (Source: CCDC)
General Little (Source: CCDC)

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County investigators say a 69-year-old man killed his wife by beating her "severely" at her West Ashley home.

General Theophilus Little's bond was automatically denied on Thursday, since only a circuit judge can set bond for murder.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office arrested Little for the killing of 69-year-old Barbara Little.

Authorities say General Little was located and taken into custody at his home shortly before 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

In newly released documents, authorities say Barbara Little died from multiple hits to her head.

On Sept. 22, deputies responded to a home on West Palmer Drive where they found the body of Barbara Little.

Investigators say it was discovered through interviews with witnesses that General Little's wages were recently garnished in an effort to pay alimony to the victim.

According to investigators, General Little was located at his home five minutes away from the murder. While there, deputies reported observing what appeared to be blood in the suspect's SUV.

A search warrant executed at Little's home yielded a pair of shoes with what appeared to be blood on them. Authorities say a tread pattern on the bottom of the shoes was consistent with prints taken from the crime scene.

On the night of the incident, the victim's daughter, said General Little had contacted her and asked her to meet him at a restaurant around 9 p.m., but never showed up.

Investigators say after she attempted to call him several times, Little called her back and asked her to meet him at another location which authorities say he did not show up at either.

On Wednesday, SLED passed on a report to local authorities stating that swabs taken from Little's SUV matched Barbara Little's DNA.

In addition, authorities say there was an attempt to clean the murder scene.

"The collection of physical evidence that was found at the crime scene linked General Little to the crime," CCSO authorities said.

In bond court, Barbara Little's daughter teared up when she talked about how the murder will affect her kids.

"It broke my heart, my already broken heart into pieces. Now I have to tell them that papa is accused of killing grand mommy," she told the judge.

"We were very shocked. We've known them for 23 years and they split up a few years after we moved in," neighbor Pat Hoyt said.

"This is a quiet neighborhood. We knew this wasn't just a random thing, that it was somebody close by, and of course we knew about the divorce," neighbor Alan Wilson said.

Investigators say family members became concerned when they were unable to reach the victim.

Little's brother said he came over to his sister's house to check on her, and when he got to the home, he reported finding the front door unlocked.

He then noticed blood in the inside of the home and located Little on the bathroom floor with no pants on and blood around her body and head.

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