911 released of fatal shooting outside Waffle House

VIDEO: 911 calls released in armed robbery attempt, shooting

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have released the 911 calls from the morning a man tried to rob a Dorchester Road Waffle House and was shot and killed by a customer.

Witnesses say early Saturday morning 19-year-old Joshua Davis came into the restaurant demanding money.

"My brother was waiting on his food from waffle house," said a man who can be heard on a 911 call."He got really distraught and said he saw a guy going to approach the waffle house with a firearm. Guy had a black hoodie on his head."

Police say when Davis left, a man in the parking lot tried to stop him, and when he didn't drop his weapon the man shot Davis.

The customer was licensed to carry a weapon.

He will not face any charges.

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