Race for next mayor of Charleston heats up as Stavrinakis speaks out against ads

Race for next mayor of Charleston heats up as Stavrinakis speaks out against ads

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The race for the next mayor of Charleston is heating up!

With two weeks until Election Day, candidate Leon Stavrinakis spoke out about advertisements against him.

On Friday, Stavrinakis responded to what he calls false and negative attacks by Deerin in her new television ads.

"But Stavrinakis voted against millions for transportation fixes...or there's Gerry Deerin. She's the only clear candidate with a full traffic plan," an advertisement for Deerin touted.

He says that with these ads, Deerin is trying to divide instead of unite the city.

"I'm here today, a lot of people are here today to say that Charleston is better than that," Stavrinakis said."That Charleston deserves better than that. That our leadership that we're used to, has always been better than that and moving forward, we don't want a mayor that will divide our city. We want a mayor that will keep our city together and move our city forward, regardless of what the challenges are that we have to face."

Stavrinakis also said he was proud of the last eight months of campaigning with the candidates until these new political ads.

Just hours later, Deerin responded to Stavrinakis' remarks.

She says the candidate's claims are twisted and she wants to stay focused on issues in the community in regards to traffic, growth, and transportation.

"I'm not giving him hell. I'm not making personal attacks. My campaign is driving policy comparisons on transportation and development," Deerin said."I'm talking about the number one issue on voters' minds. Transportation and growth, and voters deserve to know the differences.  The press corps and everyone else has the responsibility to make those facts known and clear...and to hold Rep. Stavrinakis accountable for his voting record."

Deerin claims Stavrinakis is trying to connect the tragedies the city has experienced to policy comparisons on transportation and development.

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