Senate appoints special committee regarding flood relief

Senate appoints special committee regarding flood relief

SOUTH CAROLINA (WCSC) - Senate President Pro Tempore Hugh Leatherman announced today that he has created a special Senate committee regarding the state's flood relief efforts.

The committee will gather information and provide oversight of everything being done, at the state level, to help citizens recover from record floodwaters.

The Senate panel will be composed of:

  • Senator Hugh Leatherman, President Pro Tempore
  • Senator Harvey Peeler, Senate Majority Leader
  • Senator Nikki Setzler, Senate Minority Leader
  • Senator Darrell Jackson
  • Senator Larry Grooms
  • Senator Ronnie Cromer
  • Senator Thomas McElveen
  • Senator Ronnie Sabb
  • Senator Katrina Shealy

Leatherman said he created the special committee instead of using the Senate Finance Committee as the oversight authority because senators in some of the hardest hit areas do not serve on the Finance Committee.

"It will be of little help to the people for the Senate to meet until we know everything that is being done, what else needs to be done and how much money is needed to do it. I have asked this special committee to work with a sense of urgency and report to the full Senate as soon as possible." Leatherman said.

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