North Charleston mayoral candidate threatens lawsuit against Live 5 News

North Charleston mayoral candidate threatens lawsuit against Live 5 News

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A candidate for North Charleston mayor said Friday he is going to sue Live 5 News for defamation of character after our investigation revealed he was arrested for soliciting for prostitution five years ago.

John Singletary held a news conference at North Charleston City Hall where he announced he would sue the TV station in federal court.

Live 5 News obtained surveillance video that police say shows Singletary offering an undercover officer $20 for sex on Remount Road.

Singletary was charged with solicitation for sex, a misdemeanor.

At his news conference, Singletary once again called it a false arrest and said it is not he on the surveillance tape.

"The piece that was run by Channel 5, not only was there no one I was conversing with, but the voice you hear in the video, it is not mine," Singletary said.

Police spokesman Spencer Pryor said Singletary is in the video and it is Singletary's voice on the tape.

The director of North Charleston Municipal Court said Singletary had several chances to show up in court, and in April, 2010 he was tried in his absence.

Court Director Angela Cartrett said officials had the option of issuing a bench warrant for Singletary or forfeiting his bond.

Officials chose to forfeit the bond, which Cartrett says is the equivalent of a conviction.

Singletary says he still plans to file the suit.

"Whether it be filed in New York because CBS is the affiliate, parent company of Channel 5 or in South Carolina, haven't determined yet, but the lawsuit will be filed in federal court."

Singletary refused to answer any questions at his press conference.

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