Flood recovery center opens in North Charleston

VIDEO: Flood recovery center opens in North Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON - (WCSC) - A new disaster recovery center for people impacted by the flood is open at the Charleston County Public Works building in North Charleston.

The center is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"Don't minimize what happened to you. Don't say 'well there's others that are suffering more, I'm hesitant to ask for assistance'...please don't do that we're here to help," says FEMA Applicant Services Specialist from Texas, Joe Reinsel.

At the center you can apply for FEMA aid and low interest loans through the Small Business Association. The agency provides loans to homeowners, renters and businesses. The Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center has representatives on site along with other local organizations.

"You can speak to a mitigation expert about damage to your home, how to minimize damage to your home and how to get your home back on track to repair," says Reinsel.

People impacted by the flood have until Dec. 4, two months from the disaster declaration, to apply for federal money.

"Then a FEMA inspector will meet you at your property to go over the damage and determine your eligibility for assistance," says Reinsel.

A FEMA representative says people don't think they qualify for aid when actually they do. They encourage people to apply for the resources because there are several organization who want to help.

"If demand is there we will stay and serve the community until we feel like everyone has been served," says Reinsel.

The Charleston Public Works Center is located at 5800 Casper Padgett Way off Remount Road. It's next to the Charleston Animal Society.

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