Pauletta Washington talks to Lowcountry students leading up to concert

Pauletta Washington talks to Lowcountry students leading up to concert

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Soon Pauletta Washington and her band called Mamazband will perform in Charleston on Sunday and fill a stage with works of classic rock and soul.
But on Monday, it wasn't about the music as the band talked to young students with the Back Pack Journalist program.

"I would say keep going, rise up and keep going," said Pauletta Washington.

Their tour called Chronicle focuses on just that.

"Resilience is our message," said director David Connolly. "Got bounce is what our show is about and these kids are bouncing back."

Students, ages 10 to 13, sat in a circle with the band and asked questions.

"It meant that more people, other than people from Charleston, are thinking about how good I can do," said 5th grader Amir Wells.

"Everyone is a part of making racial equality happen," said 8th grader Livesey Abar.

The band shared stories about overcoming adversity and recovering from hardships.

"My hope for them is that they continue in the path in which they have started," said Washington.

The band didn't leave empty handed, either. Back Pack Journalists gave them t-shirts and a RiverDogs jersey.
It was just a small token to show their gratitude.

"Thank you because she is doing so much by coming here," said Abar. "It may not seem like a lot meeting with a couple of kids in a room. It really is changing their lives."

The concert is Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Charleston County School of Arts. Tickets are still available, and only $4. 
All proceeds will go to Charleston County School of the Arts.

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