Flood-related erosion closes seven Georgetown County beach accesses

Flood-related erosion closes seven Georgetown County beach accesses

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Georgetown County officials say severe beach erosion caused by the rain and flooding events earlier this month has forced the closing of seven Georgetown County-maintained beach accesses.

According to a news release, Garden City Beach Access No. 44 and Litchfield Beach Access Nos. 61-66 are closed until further notice while county staff works to repair damages.

It says erosion is so severe at the beach access points that some support points on the access structures are no longer touching the ground, making them unsafe for use.

The release says repairs are underway and accesses will be reopened individually as repairs are completed.

According to the release, the impacted accesses are marked as closed, but members of the public often disregard such notices and attempt to uses the structures anyway.

The release continues: "Much of the structural damage is located on the dune side of the accesses and may not be apparent to users attempting access from parking areas. These structures are closed because they are unsafe to use until repaired. The public should not attempt to use these access points until they have been reopened." 

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