Coastal Carolina Fair makes changes to ease traffic

VIDEO: Coastal Carolina Fair makes changes to ease traffic

Nearly 250,000 people will attend the Coastal Carolina fair, that means traffic. This year fair officials are trying something new to help manage the flow in and out of the fairgrounds.

"If you can find anyway at all to come on Monday through Thursdays, that's the great time to be out there," says Coastal Carolina Fair spokesman, Joe Bolchoz.

Bolchoz says if you come to the Exchange Park Fairgrounds in Ladson during this time crowds are more moderate than the weekends.

"There's nothing happening on the weekend that's not there during the week, we're going to run a full blown fair every single day," says Bolchoz.

Fair officials say one of the biggest issues is actually getting into the fair grounds rather than finding one of the 10,000 plus parking spaces. This year they're trying something new to manage the flow by constantly monitoring the opening of three gates.

"Now we're going to be working with the Highway Patrol and when we see the traffic coming our way we're going to have all three gates open at once," says Bolchoz.

In the past, fair officials scheduled the opening of additional gates only on certain days, but they're hoping people will see a difference by making it more fluid.

"The interstate is the interstate and anyone that has driven out there knows what they're facing,"  says Bolchoz.

If you're traveling near the fair grounds you can expect traffic delays on Highway 78, I-26, College Park Road and other surrounding streets.

"We do make every effort we can, we're using contract parking people and our own staff to make sure we can get you into those grounds once you arrive on our location," says Bolchoz.

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