Jeb Bush speaks in town hall series on Daniel Island

VIDEO: Jeb Bush speaks in town hall series on Daniel Island

DANIEL ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush joined Senator Tim Scott for Tim's Town Hall series on Daniel Island.

The event, designed to introduce South Carolinians to presidential candidates, took place at Bishop England High school. Congressman Trey Gowdy joined Scott as his special guest.

"Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush loves us," says local supporter Kathie Harvey. "I'm convinced that if he's president he's going to do everything he can to help our state."

Bush recently announced he is cutting down on his campaign budget, but his South Carolina campaign teams are expected to grow.

"We have I think the largest campaign operation in South Carolina it's going to get bigger it's going to be focused on winning," says Bush.

Though Bush is cutting campaign payroll costs, travel expenditures and downsizing his headquarters staff, he's focusing more on his ground game.

"These cuts are not really cuts in the sense that we're asking people to move out into the field where it matters," says Bush.

"I hope it's just maybe a matter of using the monies that are there more wisely and the people that are dedicated to helping him," says Harvey. "I hope that's the case."

"I think he has a good shot if he could be heard because he did well today," says local supporter, Rita Busman.

"He had a solution for everything that was asked of him," says local supporter, Martin Hanhauser.

The Bishop England High School Auditorium was packed for the former Florida Governor. He answered community question about a range of topics including small businesses.

"We should lower rates as far as possible and eliminate as many deductions, my plan does just that," says Bush.

He also talked about U.S. foreign relations.

"Ten thousand troops in Iraq would have kept ISIS from even being created in my mind," says Bush.

Scott and Gowdy also asked questions from the community regarding veteran administration and education reform  among other things.

"One-third of our kids are college or career ready," says Bush.

Ten-year-old Calum Klimavitz attended the talk as well. He says he was excited to have the opportunity to talk with Bush.

"He said we need to raise schools because he said I'm too smart," says Klimavitz as he smiles.

"He seems knowledgeable in so many areas and backed up with facts and information and history of his own political experience, and yet the humor is there too that helps relax everybody a little bit," says Harvey.

"South Carolina elects presidents and I intend to be here to run aggressively," says Bush.

Bush was elected Governor of Florida in 1998.  He is Florida's first Governor to serve two terms, the news release says.

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