Animals at SC Aquarium start Halloween early; underwater carving competition begins

SLIDESHOW: Animals at SC Aquaruim get early start to Halloween; underwater carving competition begins
Source: SC Aquarium
Source: SC Aquarium

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Animals at the South Carolina Aquarium got an early start to Halloween with some treats.

Lemurs, river otters and a bald eagle were treated to a Halloween enrichment event on Friday.

The enrichment is a key part of the animal care program at the aquarium.

"It often involves treats such as food puzzles and toys that challenges the animals and helps them maintain a level activity that's similar to their natural behavior in the wild," officials said.

In addition, the underwater pumpkin carving competition began Friday morning at the Great Ocean tank.

The event entails divers carving intricate ocean-themed designs into pumpkins.

"They will be carving the pumpkins while hundreds of animals, including sharks, and a 250-pound sea turtle swim around them," officials said."When they finish the audience will vote on their favorite design."

Another underwater competition is scheduled on Oct. 31.

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