Flood leaves overcrowding in Lowcountry animal shelters

Flood leaves overcrowding in Lowcountry animal shelters

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Animal shelters across the Lowcountry are overcrowded because of the flood.

The Doc Williams SPCA in Berkeley County is more than 100 animals over their usual capacity. Shelter officials are asking for volunteers to help out as they get dogs in from Animal Control each day.

"We're just setting up best we can to house them, water them and keep them because my other kennels are full," says Shelter Manager, Amanda Hayes.

Hayes says the shelter has also received animals from families who have been displaced by the flood because they are no longer able to keep them.

"The building is made for... 120 to 130 animals and we are inside the building at 250 [animals] so we're twice the capacity," says Hayes. "Plus... we're having to find spots for outside."

People who work at the shelter tell me the biggest things you can do is to donate food or volunteer your time because there are plenty of opportunities to help out.

"A lot of [volunteers] spend most of their time cleaning which is very, very important," says SPCA Shelter Veterinarian, David Clugmen.  "If we got more volunteers there is a ton of animals that could use a walking and some loving."

Clugmen has been checking the health of the incoming cats and dogs. He says FEMA will be coming in soon to assist with finding homes for the animals.

"It's stressful and it's harder because you're here you're doing more and only have so many hours in a day," says Hayes. "Everybody still has to get fed, everybody still has to get clean... you still have to do well check-ups... and anybody who has animals knows it's a constant cleaning."

Shelter officials encourage people to come out to adopt or foster because there are plenty of animals ready for a home.

"We want them all to go home, that would be our happy place," says Hayes.

On Saturday the  ASPCA will be hosting the 4th Annual Mega Match-A-Thon that will run through October 26th. Local shelters will be hosting special adoption events. The Charleston Animal Society will be offering free adoptions on all of its animals during the event.

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