Actor, comedian Bill Murray and community say Thanks Joe!

VIDEO: Actor, comedian Bill Murray and community say Thanks Joe!
Riley and Murray (Photo Source: Thanks Joe!)
Riley and Murray (Photo Source: Thanks Joe!)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Mayor Joe Riley still has a few months left on the job, but Sunday the people of Charleston thanked him for his decades of service to the city. The event called "Thanks Joe!" included a full day of events at Brittlebank Park and at the mayor's namesake, Joe Riley Park.

Hundreds were there including natives, people from out of town and a local celebrity.

"Looks what's going on over there I think that's what Joe's like over there," says actor and comedian Bill Murray as he points to the firework show.

Murray, a friend of Riley, calls Riley a man of true humility, with a light that shines like fireworks.

"I don't think I'd love Charleston as much if it wasn't for Joe, I don't think anyone would," says Murray.

Tonight there were several musical performances all in honor of Riley. Charleston natives along with people who just moved to the area say they couldn't say enough about the longest serving mayor of Charleston.

"He's done a phenomenal job leading the city, making a great city even greater," says Charleston native, Thom Penney. "The city's reputation and also Joe Riley's reputation is nationwide and world-wide."

Some people at the event reflected on his kindness.

"He's a really nice guy he sat down with us and talked with us even though there were probably about 30 other people who wanted to talk to him," says Donna Moller, who's lived in Charleston for three years.

People shared some things they will miss most about having Riley as mayor.

"When he comes to the schools and deals with the kids and everything, I'll miss that the most," says Burke high school student, Latavia Fields.

"The security, because whoever takes his place you don't know what you're getting," says Moller. "With Joe you knew, you knew what he did, you knew that you were always safe."

"I'm going to miss most knowing that there's someone there who has everyone's... the overall best interest at heart," says Murray.

Visitors to Charleston from Minneapolis were at the park to say thanks Joe too.

"We've been coming here for 20 years so we know who the Mayor is more than our own city," says Carol Ardall.

Humble, hardworking, a legacy are just some of the words people used tonight to describe Riley.

"I try to... ease his burden whenever I can whether it's pick him up off the ground or make him laugh and smile," says Murray.

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