Drivers prepare for coastal flooding during Tuesday morning rush

Drivers prepare for coastal flooding during Tuesday morning rush

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Coastal areas are expecting extreme flooding Tuesday morning around rush hour.
That means traffic headaches for drivers.

"Not again!" Said OJ Linney.
 "The traffic is backed up like crazy," said Wardell Moultrie who works off Morrison Drive.

That road often gets flooded. Moultrie knows when the waters rise, plan for detours. 
Based on the recent flooding, he has one piece of advice.

"Buy a 4x4," said Moultrie. "That's what I drive, or a pick-up truck, that's what I suggest. If you've got a small car, just don't go through it because it ruins your car."

That message Allyson Arnold knows all too well.

"I was driving downtown and my car got flooded out," said Arnold. It took three people to push it out and it was permanently damaged."

It happened during the flooding two weeks ago. Now, $2,000 later, with a car that's still not running right, Arnold says when the waters rise, don't risk it.

"I think I'm not going to be driving downtown," said Arnold. "I'm not going to get in my car and go anywhere, actually."

Charleston police too, are sending a message to be careful.

"Police are asking motorists to exercise caution and avoid flooded streets and roads," said spokesman with the Charleston Police Department.

Over on Lockwood Drive, another road that often sees flooding, one driver is ready for this to stop.

"We have to have some type of solution for this, something," said Linney. "Barriers, sandbags, that stuff is just not getting it."

Although frustrated, they know there's no avoiding it.
Soon streets in downtown Charleston will likely be flooded and several roads will be closed.
Now, all they can do is prepare for the waters ahead.

"Get an early start if you have to go down there," said Wardell.

"If you don't think your car can't make it, then don't try it," said Linney.

"It's not going to be fun," said Arnold.

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