Mount Pleasant SWAT team rappel outside MUSC Children's Hospital dressed as superheroes

Superheroes rappel outside MUSC Children's Hospital

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Halloween came just a couple days early at the MUSC Children's Hospital.

Spiderman, Superman, and Batman were just a few of the heroes who dropped by.

You can thank SWAT teams members from the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

They rappelled from the roof of the hospital, just to say hi to children inside the hospital's atrium.

The SWAT Team members stayed in character and spent time with the children after rappelling from the top of the building.

"It's amazing when an event like this happens they will go home and tell their families and friends about seeing Batman and Spider Man versus the needles or some of the more uncomfortable or unfamiliar events that they experienced," said Betsy McMillan, the Child Life Manager at the hospital.

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