Voters will elect next mayor of Charleston Tuesday

VIDEO: Voters will elect new Charleston mayor Tuesday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston is electing a new mayor on Tuesday.

The candidates are Ginny Deerin, William Dudley Gregorie, Toby Smith, Leon Stavrinakis, John Tecklenburg and Maurice Washington.

Ginny Deerin's vision as mayor includes a "big bold" approach to transportation issues, specifically traffic, an issue she defined as "the biggest issue on people's mind."

"I'm a big believer, we cannot solve the traffic problems by tinkering around the edges," she said."Ideas are great, plans are great, but what we need is progress."

"I'm familiar with our city's budgets, our city's programs," Gregorie said."Even more importantly, our city's neighborhoods and their needs."

Toby Smith wants to revitalize hidden communities and highlight Charleston's history.

She wants to continue to be a part of the changes the people of Charleston have seen.

"Charleston is booming but they're not a part of that boom it's almost as though they're stuck in time and they're plagued with high unemployment, and lots of crime...," Smith said.

"It's going to take a regional approach to dealing with this problem because it's not just a city issue," Stavrinakis said."Commuters are coming across jurisdictional lines. The growth that Charleston is experiencing isn't just in the City of Charleston."

John Tecklenburg has never run for political office, but says his business background qualifies him to lead the city for the next four years. He also wants to revitalize West Ashley.

"We need a face lift and put some of these older, tired commercial properties back to use," Tecklenburg said.

Maurice Washington believes Charleston's best days are ahead where city traffic is better managed and drainage is near perfect.

"We can do better," Washington said."I want to be the mayor that focuses on our citizens first, investing in education, investing in workforce development."

Joe Riley is stepping down after more than 40 years as Charleston's mayor. His last day in office will be on Jan. 11, 2016.

For a winner in Tuesday's election to be declared, one candidate must receive 50 percent of the votes cast plus one additional vote. If a runoff is needed, it will take place on Nov. 17.

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