27 candidates vying for 10 North Charleston council seats

VIDEO: 27 candidates vying for 10 North Charleston council seats

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - On Tuesday, voters will head to the polls to decide the next leaders in several Lowcountry areas.

There could be a big change in leadership in North Charleston. All ten council seats will be decided, with 27 candidates vying for the spots.

On Monday, many North Charleston voters weren't sure who they were going to vote for, but they did know the importance of their vote.

"Because I'm hoping that we get some people in there that have some good values and really do care about the people," said North Charleston resident David Stanton, who lives in District 5.

"Because every vote counts, I guess," said North Charleston resident Jordan Bumgarner, who lives in district 8. "So, I've been told."

Others North Charleston residents will have to wait for next election.

"I just became a citizen last month and I missed the deadline just by three days," said Antonio Fuentes.

While many voters were certain about the importance of voting, when it came to the council elections there was some uncertainty.

Here's a list with the council candidates:

Edward Astle (incumbent): District 1
Michael Brown: District 1

Raymond Lloyd: District 2
Rhonda Jerome (incumbent): District 2

Russell Coletti: District 3
Mark Conway: District 3
Virginia Jamison: District 3
Lathaniel Ford: District 3

Ron Brinson (incumbent): District 4

Brian Olds (incumbent): District 5
Sean Middleton: District 5
Stephen Ayer: District 5

Jesse Williams: District 6
Dorothy Williams (incumbent): District 6
Willie Heyward: District 6

Andrea Erb: District 7
Sam Hart (incumbent): District 7
St. Julian Corey Van Hannegeyn: District 7

Anastasia Gandy: District 8
Marvin Pendarvis: District 8
Robert King (incumbent): District 8

David McDonough: District 9
Kenneth Skipper: District 9
Nelson Rivers: District 9

Anjene Davis: District 10
Bernard Brown: District 10
Michael Brown (incumbent): District 10

Voters agree it's big list, but a very important one.

"Try your best to try and vote," said North Charleston resident Shawnqus Smalls, who lives in district 6. "It's very important to put your voice out there."

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