Some voters turned away from polls based on city, town limits

Some voters turned away from polls based on city, town limits
Polling places in four Berkeley County precincts have temporarily changed. (Source: Live 5)
Despite where their mailing addresses say they live, some voters were turned away from their polling places Tuesday or prevented from voting in certain races.
In North Charleston, for example, residents with a mailing address listing North Charleston but who live outside the actual city limits of North Charleston would not be permitted to vote in the city's mayoral race.
"Technically, it's called 'living in the doughnut hole,'" North Charleston Municipal Clerk Ellen Clark said. "A mailing address does not indicate that you are a registered voter within that area."
Clark said some voters could have a North Charleston mailing address but may actually be registered voters in Hanahan. 
Voters in other municipalities like Charleston, Summerville and Moncks Corner could face the same problem. 
"If I have an address that has Summerville or North Charleston, it's easy to assume that I live in the town limits or the city limits of that municipality, but that's not always the case,” Joshua Dickard said. Dickard serves as executive director of Dorchester elections and voter registration.
“One of the first questions I ask is who does your trash,” Dickard said. “A lady called this morning who looked outside, saw her trashcan wasn't from the town of Summerville and quickly realized she was not in the town."
Summerville resident Richard Page said he was turned away because he lives in an area unincorporated by the town.
“I’m a little bit disappointed,” Page said. “I’m glad I could save my wife the trip, but it’s a little confusing to say the least.”
Summerville resident Gregg Rankin also didn't realize his county residence status would prevent him from casting a vote. "I wish we could vote for the mayor,” Rankin said. “We have our pick, and it's unfortunate we can't choose who we want in that office."
They may also be turned away from a polling place if they cannot provide proper ID, or they could be referred to a different location if the show up at the wrong precinct.
Clark said voters should check their voter registration card to determine when and where they vote.
They can also go to to find out the location of their polling place is, since some locations change over time, but to get driving directions and view a sample ballot that would display the races in which they are eligible to vote. 

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