Mayoral hopeful John Tecklenburg unveils 5-point plan to improve Charleston

Mayoral hopeful John Tecklenburg unveils 5-point plan to improve Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston mayoral candidate John Tecklenburg unveiled a five-point plan Tuesday afternoon he says will improve the quality of life for citizens of Charleston.

Speaking in Washington Park behind city hall, Tecklenburg said his plan tackles issues that include more community policing, an economic development plan to revitalize West Ashley and a one year moratorium on new hotels in downtown Charleston.

"If you tie up every corner with a new hotel. It really restricts other diverse businesses that we'd like to develop in the city over time," Tecklenburg said.

Tecklenburg said he wants to revitalize West Ashley in the same manner upper King Street was revitalized when he was economic development director under Mayor Joe Riley.

"We can do the same thing for Sam Ritttenberg Boulevard, and these tired, worn out commercial centers that are West Ashley, if we approve the appearance of the public realm, just make it look nicer, and that will spur private investment."

Tecklenburg also wants to do a closer study of the city's zoning laws in the wake of the controversial Sgt. Jasper redevelopment and the gathering place rezoning on Maybank Highway.

A spokesman for Leon Stavrinakis released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

Leon released his comprehensive plan for Charleston back in September that includes tackling traffic and overdevelopment, revitalizing West Ashley, and investing in universal pre-k for every child in the city of Charleston. And Leon is the only candidate in the race with a proven record of getting things done for this community. The plan is available at

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