Ginny Deerin endorses John Tecklenburg for Mayor of Charleston

VIDEO: Ginny Deerin endorses John Tecklenburg for Mayor of Charleston
Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Ginny Deerin endorsed John Tecklenburg for mayor of Charleston during a joint news conference Thursday at Tecklenburg's home in West Ashley.

"I want to encourage every person who voted for me to not only vote for John but to work very,very hard to make sure that he has a second victory on Nov. 17," Deerin said on Thursday.

"Ginny has been such an incredible leader in our community, working on so many things that have helped Charleston," Tecklenburg said."I am really humbled and honored to have your support."

Tecklenburg and Leon Stavrinakis came out on top following Tuesday's election, Tecklenburg garnering 35.64 percent of the votes, and Stavrinakis getting 34.51 percent.

Deerin came in third with over 17 percent of the votes.

Tyler Jones, spokesman for the Stavrinakis campaign released a statement ahead of the news conference, saying: "We're proud of the bipartisan endorsements we've received throughout this campaign, and the ones still to come."

The special run-off election between the two candidates will be held on Nov. 17.

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