Students participate in crisis drill at Hanahan High School Thursday

VIDEO: Students participate in crisis drill at Hanahan High School Thursday

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Students at Hanahan high school spent Thursday morning in a lockdown drill.

The drill was a part of the Berkeley County School District's partnership with the Hanahan Police Department.

The team-up happens annually for the school district's annual crisis training event, a way to keep everyone involved on their feet and on high alert.
"We just need to be as prepared as we possibly can. We've got to keep these kids and our staff members and everyone safe," said principal Richard Raycroft. 
Four police officers entered Hanahan High School around 8:45 a.m., shortly after the students were told to get into lockdown position.
The officers passed through lockers and locked classroom doors, carefully weaving their way through a school they've studied and been tested on.

"They didn't' hesitate. They went in and did what they needed to do," said Hanahan Police Chief Dennis Turner. "During the summer, each year, they have annual training with all the school resource officers."

The Berkeley County School District plans these crisis training events each year, sending a team to a new school in the district each time. The goal is to prepare students, faculty and officers for earthquakes, tornadoes, active shooters and more.
Hanahan principal Richard Raycroft said the practice makes the result "that much better." And although he knew about the simulation, he had to stick with his daily work routine. "We can never predict if something like this were to truly happen. To stage how we would react would be a mistake," he said.

As for the inevitable grade report for all involved, Mr. Raycroft wasn't a tough grader. "I would give us all an 'A,' but there is always room for improvement so not quite an 'A+,'" Mr. Raycroft said.

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