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Report: Women gaining too much weight during pregnancy

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Many pregnant women  are gaining too much weight during their pregnancies, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The report released Thursday says overall, only 32 percent of pregnant women stayed within the recommended guidelines for weight gain.

The researchers found in 17 states, 50 percent or more gained above the recommendations, or too much weight. 

Health experts say it is important for a pregnant woman to stay within the guidelines because weight gain while carrying a baby has health implications for both the mother and the baby. 

The researchers looked at women delivering full-term, single babies in 46 states, New York City and the District of Columbia. In 20 states and New York City, 20 percent or more of the expectant mothers gained below the recommended guidelines, but in 17 states, half or more gained above the recommended guidelines.

According to the CDC report, in nearly every state, women who were overweight before they got pregnant were more likely to have excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

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