Two men arrested in connection to Charleston Co. deputy-involved shooting

Two men arrested in connection to Charleston Co. deputy-involved shooting
Joshua Simmons (Source: CCDC)
Joshua Simmons (Source: CCDC)
Thomas Zachary (Source: CCDC)
Thomas Zachary (Source: CCDC)

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have arrested two men in connection to a reported home invasion this past summer in Hollywood which led to the accidental shooting of the victim by a Charleston County deputy.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office arrested 21-year-old Danard Derenzo Newkirk and 17-year-old Earl Clayton Simmons Jr. on Thursday.

The incident happened on May 7 at a home on Scott White Road where the victim said he heard a knock at the door, went to answer it and spoke to a man who asked the victim if his brother was home.

The victim said after he told the man his brother was not home, the man walked away, and shortly afterwards the victim heard a noise and went to check on it. The victim reported he saw Joshua Simmons standing on a bike trying to pry his brother's window open.

According to the victim, he also saw Earl Simmons, Newkirk and the man who knocked on the door trying to hold Joshua Simmons up on the bike.

Authorities say after the victim yelled at them, Joshua Simmons fell off the bike,and all the suspects ran.

Some time later, the victim reported he heard shooting outside the home, and out of self-defense, the victim returned fire.

A report states at one point, the first suspect came to the bedroom window and told the victim to come outside. The victim said the suspect then threw a brick through the bedroom window, then went to the back door and started beating on it.

Deputies with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office responded to the home after the victim called 911 and reported a home invasion and shooting.

Witnesses told deputies that the suspects were last seen on bicycles leaving the area into the woods.

CCSO officials say deputies did not arrive in time to see the suspects leave.

According to the incident report, when two deputies went to the back of the house, the back door swung open.

One deputy heard another shout out commands and that there was a gun. Then, the deputy fired his gun at the homeowner to "suppress the threat," the report states. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and was transported to MUSC in stable condition.

The sheriff's office said the deputy did not know at the time that the person he shot was the homeowner.

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