Board upholds election results, despite candidate protests

Board upholds election results, despite candidate protests

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Six hours and three protests later, election results for three races in North Charleston will remain the same.

Mayoral candidate John Singletary, along with city council hopefuls Jesse Williams and an attorney for Mark Conway, argued the election process was flawed, and presented their case before the Charleston County Board of Elections.

Singletary, who garnered just under half the votes of election winner and incumbent mayor Keith Summey, said many voters were turned away because they lived in areas not annexed into the city.

Board Chair Dan Martin responded, "Just because you have a North Charleston address, does not mean you are part of the city of North Charleston."

Singletary described the city boundaries as  "cottage cheese," referencing a series of holes in the zoning map, and said existing unincorporated areas fall in predominately African-American neighborhoods.

Council hopeful Jesse Williams of District 6, and counsel for Mark Conway of District 3, both complained of polling places where voters received the wrong ballot.

The Board ruled all three elections would stand, citing the ruling in Taylor vs. The Town of Atlantic Beach, which said even if irregularities in the voting process existed, it didn't change the outcome of the election.

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