Sanitary sewer overflows reported on James Island

Sanitary sewer overflows reported on James Island

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Officials say the heavy rain is causing some sanitary sewer overflows in a number of areas on James Island.

According to the James Island Public Service District, the overflows are at Dills Bluff Road near Sea Side Lane, Harbor View Road near Teresa Drive, Old Military Road and Riverland Drive.

Safety cones and warnings signs are being placed at the manholes that are overflowing.

"The overflows are expected to continue throughout the flood event today," officials said."Citizens are to limit their exposure to any SSO in their area as they may be harmful. If you have knowledge of sewer overflows in your area and our crews are not there, please call 843-795-2345 to make a report. Crews are actively monitoring areas that have already been reported."

In addition, the JIPSD garbage and trash collections are operating on a normal schedule on Monday. However, officials say Signal Point Road is closed due to flooding.

"Customers wishing to pay their wastewater bill may do so with a debit or credit card by calling 843-795-9060," officials said.

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