Stavrinakis opposed to closing Ashley River Bridge lane for bike commuters

Stavrinakis opposed to closing Ashley River Bridge lane for bike commuters

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In the race for mayor, candidate Leon Stavrinakis is making his point clear when it comes to traffic and growth management in Charleston.

On Monday, Stavrinakis said he supports finishing 526 and using technology to synch traffic lights.

But, the candidate says he is strongly against closing a lane of the Ashley River Bridge for bike commuters.

In August, city officials proposed a plan to eliminate one of the four lanes over the bridges to build a bike and pedestrian lane.

"I don't know anyone who can tell us that it makes sense when a community is choking on grid lock to close lanes to cars in favor of bicycles," Stavrinakis said.

According to the study, there is an average delay of seven seconds for drivers crossing the bridge during morning rush hour.

If one lane is taken away, that delay would increase to 12 seconds.

Stavrinakis' opponent, John Tecklenburg, announced his five point ethics plan. He says people need to trust their government, and that it needs to put their need and quality of life first.

Here's his plan:

  1. No revolving door; all senior staff will agree to not work for any company doing business with city government for at least one year after leaving office.
  2. Personal financial disclosure of the mayor and all senior staff.
  3. Transparency with city finances.
  4. All city employee salaries and benefits will be available online.
  5. Tecklenburg will create an ethics review panel to review existing city ethics regulations.

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